My passion is thinking about the infant brain and how it supports infant cognition and ultimately gives rise to the human mind. How does that tiny little tissue housed in our skull when we are born come to store every single memory, experience, and thought we will ever have? I feel honored to be a graduate student at MIT, surrounded by brilliant thinkers and investigators. I am co-advised by Rebecca Saxe and Nancy Kanwisher. The amount I have learned, and continue to learn from them is incredible. I am honored and humbled to have the honor of their investment in my life and my career.

I am a Jesus girl. I became a Christian later in life — a few years after Hannah was born. I love talking about Jesus and the Bible. If you’re ever up for a conversation, hit me up and maybe we can grab a coffee or something.

I have a daughter, whom I love dearly. She is a powerful force in my life and I have learned a ton from the experience of being her mom.


I come from a pretty unique background. My biological family was unable to raise my siblings and I. As a result, I grew up in foster care. I aged out of the system, dropped out of college, and joined the Marine Corps. After a brief stint as a barista as Starbucks, I put myself through college as a single mom — first at a community college and then Wellesley. My blog is a place where I tie together different aspects of my experience, past and present, with the hopes that it might make someone else out there feel less alone. I try to openly share my struggles in this forum because there were so many times when I felt alone and isolated and I just wanted to know that someone like me exists. If I can be that light for someone else, I want to be able to do that.