two full hands.

Last week was Hannah’s birthday. I try to avoid writing too much about her because… Well, because it is my choice to share my life publicly and, I think she should have a say in what I do and don’t share about her. That being said, I usually do participate in the annual social media post celebrating her and the amazing person she is. This year, I didn’t. This year, I just spent the day with her and enjoyed her and our time together.

Hannah turned 10 this year. Two full hands. In the decade I have known this girl, this beautiful light, she has completely changed my world. She has the most magical smile and infectious laugh. I will never be able to get enough of her laughter.

For her birthday celebration, I told her we could do whatever she wants — a party, a trip, a special outing. She decided she wants to go to New York City with me. So, sometime in the next few months, that is what we will do. But, on her actual birthday, we still celebrated. Nothing over the top, just Hannah and I. But, it was lovely to have so much focused, intentional time with my daughter and it was an honor to know that is exactly what she wanted.

After celebrating at church with friends, we went out to lunch and played with Instagram filters. There’s something so fun and addictive about those filters.


After lunch Hannah decided she most wanted to ride her bike to the Museum of Science and spend the day there. My girl is so happy on her bike. Seeing her laugh, as she peddles through the park and the wind takes her helmet-covered hair, might be the cutest thing ever.


At the Museum of Science, we got to fly through space (not literally, they currently have a space exhibit), play with shadows, look at visual illusions, and watch baby pandas grow up. The Mugar Omni Theater at the Museum of Science really is quite incredible. If you have never experienced a film there, I highly recommend it, especially if it’s a movie about baby pandas. ❤ When the museum closed, we went home and had a picnic dinner in the living room while playing a silly birthday game from Auntie Tiffany. We finished out the day with birthday cupcakes and video chatting with Auntie Tiffany and cousins. The day felt too short but, it was wonderful.

I have been a parent for a decade now. It is ridiculously humbling and enlightening. I have the awesome responsibility of teaching this child about the world. As a parent, I am the person that helps her develop the lens through which she will experience and understand other people, events, and herself. That is surreal.

This incredible little girl may have only half of my genetic material, but she has my whole heart.

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