I stood in the middle of the sidewalk. Cold mist fell on my tense body. I could not move. The signpost supported my immobile body. People passed and still, I stood.





Unable to move forward, I could not turn back.

Far from home, I needed help.

No one, I have no one.

I take out my phone. Who? Who can I call? I need help.

A friend lives down the street. I called. “I’m stuck.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m down the street.” Tears filled my eyes. “I can’t move.When you walk by, will you pick me up?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll be right there.”

And, she came. Like a trusty friend would, she came. With her by my side, I took my first step. Tears streamed out of my eyes. But, I took that first step.

Unstuck, I moved forward.



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