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A way to just say, “see me? I am here!”

I just finished the written portion of my qualifying exam for grad school. 12 pages of words. Single spaced. Half inch margins. Just words. Words used to communicate the contents of my mind. Words to demonstrate what I have (or have not) learned since I started graduate school. It was… hard!

What do I want to say?

Who am I?

What are my interests?

What questions excite me more than all others?

What do I want my scientific identity to be?

Questions that, on the scale of humanity and infinity, are of little consequence. But questions which I am the only one capable of answering.

What do I want?

Two weeks ago I finally figured out what I would say. My advisor made me write a rough outline and, it was ROUGH! Thank God for advisors willing to tell me what I need to do. Thank God for all of the people over the years that have encouraged me to follow my passions rather than fulfilling the expectations of others.

So here I am, two weeks later. My written exam is in the hands of my committee — 4 MIT Professors. Is it perfect? No. No words ever are. But, do the words adequately reflect who I am as a graduate student? Who I am today and who I see myself becoming as a scientist?


As I continue through the next stages of graduate school and life, I have words. We all have words. Words to express who we are and words to connect with those around us.

These are my words. This is who I am. In this moment. At this time.

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