No tests available.

I had a fever last week, cough and deep pain in my lungs. Shortness of breath. My husband has it now too. We called our primary doctors. My regular doctor said I should go to my primary care clinic and get tested, but did not put in an official order. I didn’t find out I needed an official order until I arrived at the testing clinic. I then stayed in my car and waited for a phone appointment. My husband was with me, also waiting for his doctor to call him for a phone screening to get an official testing order. The doctor that called me was not my regular primary and said that, even if I had a fever, unless I had diabetes or I was 65 years old, I was not going to be tested. He said this was because PPE was running low. My husband talked to a doctor that put in an order for him (he has chronic bronchitis and asthma). Both of our appointments ended at 4:30pm. We drove to the drive-through testing booth (literally 50 yards from where we were parked) at 4:32pm and they were closing up shop. They said “we’re only open until 4:30 for testing”. Then they said that they were closing for the weekend and to come back Monday. On Monday my husband can either get a swab shoved up his nose for a 1-day result or spit into a cup for a 3-day result.

We can’t get grocery delivery (my neighbor offered, but too late – we were out of food and had to make a decision). And so we went out washing our hands, staying away from people and fresh produce.

I have nurse friends that are unable to get N-95 masks. We had 3, one for each of us, because California gets huge fires. Now we have 1 because our nurse friends, who are on the front line, can’t get them and opted to risk wearing them instead.

We’ve both been home for 2 solid weeks.

My son’s school is closed (we think) through the rest of the year, but for now they’re saying just until April.

Our gyms are closed so we ordered a home gym. I am going to set it up tomorrow.

It’s been hardest on my son. Thank God for video chat and iPhones.

Because we’re trapped in our house sick he can’t risk exposing the neighbor who had an older woman living with them.

Tomorrow we’re going for a family jog. And, it feels like we shouldn’t, but we need it.

Public parks are totally closed (which is crazy to me).

Update:  My husband has been tested but I still have not. Thank God he is negative! In LA County anyone can get a test but here in San Diego County, you have to be high risk to get a test. Why does LA County keep sending updates but not San Diego? Why is it so hard to get a test. 


This post was contributed anonymously. It is part of a series attempting to share the many different stories of individuals as they experience the pandemic. If you or someone you know have a story you would like to share (anonymously or not), please feel free to send me a message or comment here.

2 thoughts on “No tests available.

  1. Hi Heather,

    How are you? I’d love to read your blog but I do not have a password.

    Get Outlook for Android



    1. Hi Aunt Mary, I am trying to collect stories from different people about their personal experience during the coronavirus pandemic to post on my blog. They will be password protected until the original author approves the current version. I’d love for you to contribute something too — as a Christian, a wife, a mother, grandmother, aunt, and teacher, I’m sure you’d have an interesting perspective. Please let me know if you are interested.


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