A (lighter) quarantine story.

This is where we are now–

L: why do you call it tuna fish?

T: because that’s what it is honey.

L: no it’s tuna

T: yes, tuna fish

L: as opposed to tuna bird or tuna mammal?  Fish is the only tuna.  It’s tuna.

T:  yes.  Tuna.  The fish.  Tuna fish.

L: parrot, the bird.  Lion, the mammal.  We don’t call them parrot bird or lion mammal.

T: oh maybe we should.  I like those.

L:  seriously?  Rather than making you see the illogical name, that made you want to be just as illogical with other creatures?

T:  I just like those names

L: what have I done?

T: what?  I like those names

L: I’m just picturing our next trip to the zoo, whenever that exists again.  You walking around pointing at the parrot birds and monkey mammals and at some point getting confused and saying something like penguin fish.  You know, in case it wasn’t embarrassing enough prior to the wrong classification

T: ok, how about this… only for food?

L: next time we go to island prime, are you going to order a steak mammal or a cow mammal or a cow steak mammal?

T:  Oh… that’s a lot to think about.  Maybe I need to go to bed and think about this.  (Kisses me goodnight, walks towards bedroom, turns back and shakes his head) now you’ve ruined it.  I liked parrot bird and lion mammal.  (Sadly shakes head again.  Walks to bedroom.)

That’s my quarantine story.  :). (The lighter version)

This blog post was contributed anonymously. Please be respectful of the views and beliefs of others if they are different than your own. This is part of a series attempting to share the many different stories of individuals as they experience the coronavirus pandemic. If you or someone you know have a story you would like to share (anonymously or not), please feel free to send me a message or comment here.

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