Good Friday

I wanted to write a post about Good Friday during the pandemic. About the meaning of Good Friday and how it is so fitting during a time like this. Nothing seems quite right though. My words can’t quite describe the feeling.

Around 2000 years ago a man named Jesus hung on a cross at 9 AM. He was there to die the death of a criminal, his crime was emblazoned above his head, “King of Jews.” Whether or not you believe in God, the proof of the existence of a man named Jesus, from Nazareth, and his death on a cross is incontrovertible.

What do we make of this man that lived, and died, so long ago?

We all  answer that question in our own way.

For me, if God exists, the God of Judeo-Christian theology, then it’s not that hard to believe that Jesus was God incarnate. So the question becomes, “is God real?”

Over the years, I’ve answered that question in a variety of way. The last few years I have been solidly on the side of believer with a healthy dose of skepticism. The current pandemic we find ourself in is a great test of my faith and the faith of so many people in the world. Sometimes the way I see Christians behaving is infuriating. Sometimes, it’s humbling and is so completely full of love that I feel like I can truly see Jesus.

Whether or not you believe in God, or believe Jesus was God in human form, today is a day that has been set aside to remember the death of a man 2000 years ago — Jesus.


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