Quarantine Prayers.

Many, many years ago when I was in first grade, I came down with scarlet fever. I was the oldest of three and my mom was pregnant with her fourth child. Our house was put under quarantine with a sign stating so at the end of our long driveway. My dad worked away and stayed with his parents. He would bring food and supplies to the end of our driveway. My mom would push the baby carriage down the driveway to pick the food and supplies up.
I was quarantined in my bedroom with a thick curtain hanging over the doorway, and a baby gate to keep my younger siblings out. My mom would have to “suit up” with a mask, gown, and gloves to come in to care for me. When she left my room she’d wash her hands in this horrible smelling solution. Our family doctor came daily to give me a shot in my butt!
One day, while my mom walked to the end of our driveway to retrieve our food and supplies I opened the baby gate and invited my two-year-old brother, Donnie, in to play… What can I say? I was so lonely! Well, I soon found out how angry my very caring mom could be. Donnie’s case was very mild because it was caught early. Sometimes my aunts and uncles would bring my cousins over to visit me through my bedroom window.
After months in quarantine I got better but I will always remember how devastated I was when everything in my room was placed onto a huge bonfire. Every toy, blanket, all my clothes gone. But so was my scarlet fever. I continue to pray someday this Covid-19 will be gone and I can once again come out of quarantine! I pray we can all live together in peace…
This blog post was contributed Phyllis O’Malley. It is part of a series attempting to share the many different stories of individuals as they experience the coronavirus pandemic. Please be respectful of the views and beliefs of others if they are different than your own. If you or someone you know have a story you would like to share (anonymously or not), please feel free to send me a message or comment here.

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