My passion is thinking about the infant brain and how it supports infant cognition and ultimately gives rise to the human mind. I feel honored that I get to be a graduate student at MIT, surrounded by brilliant thinkers and investigators.

I have a daughter, whom I love dearly.

I am a Christian.

I come from a different background than most people. I’ve experienced poverty and abuse. I aged out of the foster care system, dropped out of college, and joined the Marine Corps. After a brief stint as a barista as Starbucks, I put myself through college as a single mom. This blog is a place where I tie together different aspects of my experience, past and present, with the hopes that it might make someone else out there feel less alone. I openly share my struggles in this forum because there were so many times when I felt alone and isolated and I just wanted to know that someone like me exists. If I can be that light for someone else, I want to be able to do that.