Have you ever have an experience where you happen upon an idea that seems so right you wonder why you haven't had it before? A word or phrase suddenly makes sense in a new way. Thoughts that have been swimming around in your head start to connect in different ways. A lightbulb goes on and … Continue reading aha?


At the beginning of this year, 2020, there was one word that really resonated with me. I thought it would carry with me through the year -- vulnerability. This word has not let me down. However, the way I thought vulnerability would influence my life is different than what I imagined. At the beginning of … Continue reading vulnerability.

real life.

Our world is filled with so much brokenness, hate, and evil. Last week two black men were killed at the grocery store after the gunman failed to enter a predominately black church. Saturday, a group of Jewish believers were killed in their synagogue. These are just the latest two killings in a string of killings that have plagued our country -- people killed for the crime of.... of what? Living life? Being black? Being Jewish? It's too much for the human mind and senses to grapple with.