collective trauma.

Source: Lightspring (Shutterstock) "The United States is about to endure a collective trauma unlike anything in recent memory." - ¬†David Scharfenberg I am no stranger to trauma. Right now though, I feel like the least capable person when it comes to managing the experience of trauma. My city, my state, my country, my world is … Continue reading collective trauma.

real life.

Our world is filled with so much brokenness, hate, and evil. Last week two black men were killed at the grocery store after the gunman failed to enter a predominately black church. Saturday, a group of Jewish believers were killed in their synagogue. These are just the latest two killings in a string of killings that have plagued our country -- people killed for the crime of.... of what? Living life? Being black? Being Jewish? It's too much for the human mind and senses to grapple with.