Balancing Risks and Rights

For us, Covid-19 is like a tornado that you watch from afar and wonder if it's coming straight towards you or if it will veer off in another direction.  We began following the Coronavirus outbreak of Wuhan, China in January. It was unbelievable how fast the virus was spreading. The communist government ordered a lock … Continue reading Balancing Risks and Rights

Things are okay in the moment.

Written on 3/30: The Tuesday that Harvard announced they were sending students home, when suddenly things seemed very serious, my husband got a cough. We thought it was unlikely that it was COVID, but started quarantining in our house, and him within our house. We are lucky that we have an extra room. As the … Continue reading Things are okay in the moment.

Protecting my family from COVID-19.

March in the mid-Atlantic states is glorious. Dissatisfied with the quality of C’s preschool and the annoyances of weekly commitments, the COVID school cancellations were a bit of a relief. Sure, museums and other places were closed, but as long as we can go outdoors and explore, it would feel mostly like summer vacation without … Continue reading Protecting my family from COVID-19.