broken things.

yesterday i broke one of my favorite mugs. it shattered. slowly i collected the pieces and, as i did so, i knew they would never go back to the way they were. there would be no fixing this beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasure that was so recently gifted to me by a friend. the mug was broken; … Continue reading broken things.

4 years.

Four years ago I embarked on a new journey:  using fMRI to understand how the baby mind works. Do babies see and experience the world the same way we do? Using fMRI, I took pictures of Hope’s brain while she watched movies of kids, toys, and places. A new image of her brain appeared on … Continue reading 4 years.

real life.

Our world is filled with so much brokenness, hate, and evil. Last week two black men were killed at the grocery store after the gunman failed to enter a predominately black church. Saturday, a group of Jewish believers were killed in their synagogue. These are just the latest two killings in a string of killings that have plagued our country -- people killed for the crime of.... of what? Living life? Being black? Being Jewish? It's too much for the human mind and senses to grapple with.