Good Friday

I wanted to write a post about Good Friday during the pandemic. About the meaning of Good Friday and how it is so fitting during a time like this. Nothing seems quite right though. My words can't quite describe the feeling. Around 2000 years ago a man named Jesus hung on a cross at 9 … Continue reading Good Friday

A (lighter) quarantine story.

This is where we are now-- L: why do you call it tuna fish? T: because that's what it is honey. L: no it's tuna T: yes, tuna fish L: as opposed to tuna bird or tuna mammal?  Fish is the only tuna.  It's tuna. T:  yes.  Tuna.  The fish.  Tuna fish. L: parrot, the … Continue reading A (lighter) quarantine story.

Protecting my family from COVID-19.

March in the mid-Atlantic states is glorious. Dissatisfied with the quality of C’s preschool and the annoyances of weekly commitments, the COVID school cancellations were a bit of a relief. Sure, museums and other places were closed, but as long as we can go outdoors and explore, it would feel mostly like summer vacation without … Continue reading Protecting my family from COVID-19.